Who we are


2P Die Factory, a presence in the field of dies for 40 years, has definitively left the artisan stage, to finally reach an industrial-oriented phase. Even the size, equipment, manufacturing process fall within industrial scale levels, thus offering high quality and quantity standards, to the full advantage of customers.
While guaranteeing product quality by the use of the best materials, 2P Die Factory, aware of playing a leading role in the field of stock-in trade, pays particolar attention to customers’ service.
Customers, all over the National territory, can rely on regular and even daily visits by 2P agents, thus enjoying a perfect assistance both before and after the sale, prompt and exact deliveries.


For leather, hide, textiles and other materials.
Band simple cutting dies, double cutting dies, shagreend cutting dies for leather and textiles.
Forged dies for hide, salpa and other materials.
Sectional and demountable blocks and milled blocks.
Dies for shoes, leather and wear factories.
Intelligent dies making your work easier.


2P Die Factory, all type dies, for any processing, for all materials.
If you are thinking of a die, 2P Die Factory can produce it for you in a short time and with the best quality.


2P Die Factory has defined an advanced technology to supply every kind of dies needed on the market, with the best price-quality ratio.
This is why our know how has already been demanded by other countries and 2P Die Factory meets these demands by supplying “ready for use” Die Factories, from the drawing up to the project, the supplying and installation of machinery and equipment, to the vocational training and the beginning of production.
Within the frame work of this activity, 2P produced three Die Factories in the USSR, in Moscow, Kaluga and Togliattigrad, to the order of Sojuzyneshstrojimport.
2P is moreover in connection with world-famous shoe, leather and textiles industries, ranking first in Italian style.
In other words, 2P can supply an all realiable advice also in styling. 2P Die Factory: a technology devoted to dies, much envied all over the world.

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